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Originally Posted by Ong
The problem is even the "fake original file" must be present as a file within your GC folder already. So you still got to download a file to place in your, say, the ResSet folder.
If so you might as well download a KR version of the files since NA versions of those files (yea only the char zero 2 ain't there) aren't here yet. Just saying why it isn't possible for the program to replace what is not there.

Though on the side note suggestion, perhaps the program can include the files in there as a download?
That would be quite a bit of work. Then I'll need to code it so that it'll go on realtime update from a particular website to match the files. Still, I'll look into that.

EDIT: More importantly, does anyone know which process to delete when GC runs? GC hid itself in a sys process and I have no idea how to terminate it. If I can do that, then there would be no need to uninstall and reinstall the patch again and again, because then I can update the GC, terminate the main.exe, realtime check the files from a website, and then run the game under original service method.

EDIT 2: Also does anyone of you know where the NAGC updates its files from? If I knew the URL that would be very helpful.

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