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Originally Posted by buta
Because rupture is not reliable like you said, and is only good for knockups. Scream is more reliable damage and Vorpal gives more auto attack power which helps in his last hitting which heals him. Rupture, otherwise, is also a waste of mana if you use it to farm.

And I'm pretty sure the assumption is that, if he lands his rupture, he'll be the initiator, especially with his silence to shut down carries. Rupture didn't land? Don't initiate unless someone else does.

Rod of Ages is, quote "second most efficient non-snowball item". See:

And I don't play Garen or Amumu.

I will want to say that more armor/MR teams will make flat armor/magic pen fall off in usefulness. Endgame, when most people tend to build defensive items, % armor/magic penetration is a lot more effective. Just FYI.
If you dont land the rupture, what are the chances of u even hitting with vorpal spikes. I cannot think of many instances of a cho getting a successful kill/gank without landing that rupture. For a team fight, rupture is most definitely more useful than vorpal anyway. If you cant land it in a team fight.... it's probably time to choose another hero.
The thing is that he is not reliable enough to be listed as an initiator.

RoA is cost efficient...... if you need tons of mana like ryze or singed. Annie does not. If you play well, you will find catalyst all you need. AP and health wise, RoA is not that great.
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