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tbh, some of these short guides have really...disagreeable info ._.
like... REALLY disagreeable.

On Cho
why...vorpal > rupture? You can argue maxing feral scream over rupture but u can definitely not argue vorpal over rupture.
Item build wise, rabadon's cap should be either a core or a luxury depending on what your role in a team is. Also, Cho should not be listed as a tanky initiator since his rupture is not very reliable and there should be someone on the team to either complement it or initiate first.

On annie
Annie lvl 6 is freaking boss. Annie is a strong laner if you play her right and has one of the most reliable and best ganking skill set lvl 6. Saying that she can only beat someone by taking advantage of mistakes is seriously degrading and false to such a cute loli. You don't always need to last hit only with Q. You can charge your stun while harassing and annie's spell range is pretty decent as well.
The most disgusting thing that I see most annie players do is rush RoA. YOU DO NOT NEED RoA MOST OF THE TIME. Not only is RoA excessive for hp and mana, it is also very bad cost wise for the bonuses it gives.
Catalyst is enough for hp and mana. Your priority as annie is usually to rush that Rabadon's cap to ensure decent dmg late game.

On Garen
you do not only put one point in decisive strike. You want MORE speed bonus and you usually want spin first in more cases since it is more efficient in zoning from lvl 1.
Also, this may be the reason why you think garen is easy to kite. He is kitable but not "easy" to kite.
Garen should NEVER take dorans blade first. If any doran's item, it should be doran's shield.
Garen's role in a team fight should be a soak and to force one of the team's squishies out of the fight. You may want to consider spirit visage as it goes well with his passive + cooldown + mr.

On Amumu
Amumu usually jungles and he should not be maxing tantrum to do it. Maybe in lane but not jungle. You should really clarify your skill order for that. Even then, sometimes you may want to max bandage and tantrum when laning for burst depending on how you want to gank/gain lane dominance
Amumu should be starting at blue unless harassed out of it. Wolves and twin golems will only slow him down since he needs that despair on for every camp.
Amumu SHOULD NOT blindly rush aegis. Amumu has much lower hp than many other tanks and requires a solid core item to deal with the other team (usually sunfires/banshee/2 HoGs) rather than aegis.
Amumu is NOT a weak jungler at all. Sure he needs that blue but he jungles pretty fast, effectively, and does not stay low hp all the time. He is also a great ganker if you actually hold ur bandage to when ur target is out of ur range. Only lead with your bandage if it's a team fight or a gank where you can stun or cc lock.

I'm not trying to bash or discredit you or anything but I think you either need to research or play some of the heroes some more to actually give this kind of advice. I've played around 2.3k games probably and I still don't have the confidence to give advice for alot of the heroes since I don't play them hardcore.
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