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Bandy will become famous soon enoughBandy will become famous soon enough

While Boris gazed longly at the impressive crystal-like formation, he thought about attempting to answer Theresia's many questions, but he ended being quite contempt by simply laughing at Leht's statement.

".. Never a truer sentiment."

He looked to the side and saw that the other two parties had made it as well, and amongst the crowd, he saw his daughter. He couldn't resist the opportunity to be "annoying and embarrassing", as Ania often put it.

"Oh there's my little Ania~ You made it all the way here, like a big girl! I'm so proud of you."

Now normally Ania would've come up with some sort of retort, but she was too intrigued by the mass of mana to really say anything.

"..Hey dad." She smiled a bit to herself, shaking her head.
This is truly incredible.. All these images, these memories. It's completely surreal. It's no wonder I'm starting to feel so nostalgic, even though I've obviously never lived through these things..
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