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Exclamation Scammer confirmed

Ugh why do I have to stick my neck out for the public - -

I did something really stupid for the sake of others.
I shall now confirm that Coonsh, BuffloCheif, Fox Cheif, and ShamanHo are the same person.
They jut scammed 13.9k ms from me. (was expecting it.)
Here are the printscreens.

He got peronal when he scammed my boyfriend, whose plvl rates were low as dirt (1mil per lvl). AoBs, a trustworthy and innocent non scamming guild member and now me. Even though I was aware of it - -.

Coonsh if your reading this, your screwed.


Case closed

T-T 13.9 k gone

Niaah was a guild recruit not scammer.

T_T build a statue of me in megalo O: stupid heroic deed done
World: Jewelia

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