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Beel is a jewel in the roughBeel is a jewel in the roughBeel is a jewel in the rough

This thread is beautifully comprehensive. If only I'd had this before I wrecked my skin, HAHA.

Originally Posted by sketchbook
I actually have a question I've meant to ask a while ago.. But I always forgets:
How do you get rid of the tiny hairs?

You know after shaving with a razor, it would always leaves those tiny ones hanging there still? How do you get rid of them? I've heard about those wax tape-y thing but... They never seem to work except making the selected area sticky. Do you have any suggestions other than that?
Mmm, I'm not too well versed in this area, but here's an eHow guide on preventing stubble the next time you shave! =]

"Prevent Razor Stubble"