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Default Fulfil the Promise

OOC Thread

In the World Trees of Asgard, Midgard and Utgard...

One hundred years after the Three Hundred Years War...

One thousand and two hundred years after the Phantasm War...

Zechariah 14:12

“Now this will be the plague with which the LORD will strike all the peoples who have gone to war against Jerusalem; their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet, and their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouth. On that day a large-scale panic from the LORD will spread among them. One person will grab the hand of another, and one will attack the other.”




One week has gone by since the parties all entered their respective World Trees.

With their footsteps accompanied the whispers of the spirits as the parties continued on. Whispers of salvation, damnation, confusion, happiness as well as sorrow. As the parties progressed further all their paths twisted into a downward spiral of roots, into a dark abyss. As they went down there were souls trapped in prisons- in the roots of the trees themselves. Some reached out, begging the parties for freedom...

But they couldn't be helped.

"Don't try to help the imprisoned souls," Frigga told her group as they progressed downward, "These are... The souls of true angels. Though they haven't been damned to Hell they are however living through their eternal punishments here..."

"Until they realize their sin..." Maya said sadly, weariness finally showing on her face, "... Big brother Luci..."

During their travels through the World Trees, all the groups ran into the Princes of Hell. However... None of them truly killed them off. Even Leviathan, who was blown up from the inside by Rune and Drake, was still alive. His presence was there in the tree, faint but... Still there.

Down and down the spiral they go...

And surely enough...

"Hey," Drake looked up, then downwards, "The spiral ended..."

Bianca blinked, looking around, "You're right!"

Kai however already advanced. Ever since the Utgard party started going downwards Kai became increasingly quiet, uneasy... When asked what was up the spirit merely gave them a laugh and said he was fine. But... "There's a pit here... And it doesn't look like there's any other way to go." Before anyone else could say something, Kai already jumped down!


Ludo and his party also found their way down at the bottom of the descending spiral. He was standing at the edge of a pit smack dab in the center of the bottom of the downward passage, "... Well, here's to a really long adventure that still won't be done even when we reach our objective..." And with that Ludo jumped in.


"Well here we are!" Celina chimed happily, "We're finally almost there! Just a bit further, guys!" And with that she jumped down a rather ominous pit after spending who knows how many hours going down, and down, and down...


And once the other party members sucked it up and jumped down too after much debate...

Just one last corridor.

Rather it felt more like a cave, but those who knew where they were going said it was the homestretch. The final few steps til they reached their destination.

The Asgard party emerged from the darkness of the passage and...

Before them a spiraling mass of mana, almost crystal-like, but at the same time like a pulsing heart floated in the center of the massive room. Even then, one couldn't even call the place a room! There looked to be no physical walls around them, just countless images and vivid colours and shapes. Flashing before the party, memories flooded by. Memories of themselves, the other party members, and the world. At their feet was water, and it went up to Frigga's knees.

A man pronouncing a great speech before his people, shouts and salutes resound quietly to the group but sounds almost like "mein fuhrer"...

Men clad in armor and on horseback, raiding an ancient city and slaughtering those before them... Torturing until they get them to convert to their beliefs...

A man in a strange suit, entirely enclosed in it and a planet in the background surrounded by darkness...

And Akaiito Kagamiya, with a head of black hair and no horns and looking to be around Drake's age... Running with a gun in hand, the other hand holding down a hat that looks a tad too big for him... Running from other cubi in the streets of a ocean side human city once upon a time.

At the foot of the floating mass of mana, a strange series of glyphs rested in place. There are nine glyphs in all, each separated by a magic barrier.

"... We finally made it," Frigga sighed.

"It's been a long time since I was last here..." Maya mused aloud.

Celina nodded, "Indeed. Though I was here only a few hundred years ago."

"Well holy shit," Kai nearly muttered as he entered the very same room as the Asgard party, though cut off via a magic barrier... "This... Well, I wasn't expecting this... Oh, hey there," he halfheartedly waved at the Asgard party. He stepped on forwards, marvelling at the amazing scene before him. "Why does it feel like... I've been here before?" He looked down, and saw the water that went up to his mid calves. He blinked, a tad confused, but returned his gaze to the Asgard party.

Not far behind Kai was Drake, and he was very surprised as well. This is... What they were pursuing? This is the center of the World Trees?... "... Wow..."

And right on the mark the Midgard party entered the room as well.

Ludo looked around only a bit, then looked to the spiralling mass of mana. He didn't say anything regarding his feelings to the strange room showing various memories of the world, but only nodded a bit and took some steps forward. To his left was the Utgard party, to his right the Asgard party. Both enclosed in barriers to cut them off from one another. He then walked to the glyph in their enclosure and knelt down to it. Though the water now soaked up to his mid thighs like this he didn't seem to notice at all. He was too.. Engrossed in what it was he was studying.

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