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Elesis 8/10
Sounds like a tom boy :3

lire 9/10
Her sarcasm is so funny

Amre 6/10
Sounds like she's 3

Ronan 10/10
Because he actually sounded the way I wanted him to like a knight

Lass 2/10
Your 13 and you have the voice of someone who's 30 and his taunts kinda suck

ryan 8/10
I like a hippy elf that can kick ass >

Seighart 10/10
I love his nice cocky comebacks lols and his taunt in prime knight rage mode "prepare to die" epic

Jin 9/10
He sounds like I expected him to a high tempted energetic fighter

Amy 4/10
she sounds like she's 3

Mari 8/10
The robot voice fits her personality to me

Dio 8/10
He's a noble after all and should sound like one

Zero 5/10
his voice is alright

Ley 1/10
speak up no one can hear you x.x and talk more

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