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Originally Posted by MaidLatte
How to avoid double negatives?

One of those words that get me.. "irregardless"
GAAAH! It doesn't even spell check the word because it thinks it's real!

Great job on this thread by the way! The different hyphen thing (En dashes, Em dashes, hyphens) I had no clue about. I just threw hyphens in wherever I thought appropriate xD.
(hehe, nice font choice.)

Irregardless? WHAT WHAT WHAT? Regardless = without regard, so irregardless = without without regard?! I'm so confused. Is that even a word?

I love this thread. I need to post this thread link everywhere, but then I'll technically be beetching and saying that people have bad grammar and then they'll be all mad and stuff. I'm confused with the hyphens, though.
I'm really dumb >:U