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Default Symphony's Re-ignition!

From the Summer's thread, I have told you that we're going to play Eden Eternal. We posted this on our FB page, but for those people not added on our FB page, I'm just informing you here, so that you can join us as well.

It's summer for most of us, and I think it's time Symphony got together again. Eden Eternal is going to be OB soon, and I think it's always fun to play as a guild in a new game, so that we can learn together.

Our first and main goal for Eden Eternal, is to create our guild. Andy said it'll be expensive, so I'm hoping with all of us doing quests, we can save up for a guild. Lol.

I'm hoping everyone is game to at least try to play with us in this game. It's been a long while since Symphony has done anything together, and I know most of us has quit Trickster, and most likely won't be going back to that game, so I'm hoping that you can give this a try, and if you don't like it, please suggest other games, and most likely most of us will try it out too.

I want us to be able to keep in touch, and hopefully re-ignite our connection to each other, and to this guild.

I'm looking forward to everyone this summer <3

Also, if you think there's another game you would want us to play, I can't stress this enough, but please please please don't be shy, and let us know, I would gladly try it out, and play with you :]

That is all, and btw, how is everyone? :3

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