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Default [Coaching] NA Grandmasters Coach

** I can guarantee you if you're below diamond that I'll bring you up to diamond within 2 lessons. (even if you're not protoss)

To start off, let me just say that SC2 has a bunch of coaches that you can go to, but I believe a lot of them ask for too much money. Popular players like Hashe, catz charge up to $50, so consider this a cheap alternative. I promise you I offer the same quality of service and am just as good as a player because I've beaten both players on numerous occasions.

Background Info:
I have around 5-6 years of Starcraft I experience (competitively in leagues), and more as a casual gamer. I've been playing Blizzard games since I was 10 (Starcraft -> D2 -> Warcraft -> WoW -> SCII) and I'm just about to turn 19 next month. I started playing SC II as soon as the beta came out and I mass laddered at that point because it was summer and well, I'm sort of a nerd when it comes to Blizzard games. I've had around 1000-2000 games played in the beta, 1000-2000 in season 1 and I have around 500-1000 at the moment. I mained protoss in SC I as well as SC II, however if you're below masters I can comfortably coach for other races as well. In Starcraft II I started off as a Diamond right off the bat. I was in a masters division as soon as the league was released, and I got into grandmasters similarly. I've consistently been in top 200 or at least close to top 200 (I went down a bit after 2010 summer since I stopped playing due to school). When I was in masters I was consistently top 10, and on two different occasions I held rank #1 in my division. Anyhow, it's summer again and I seem to be at the top of my game in the grandmasters division.

A link to my SC2Ranks

$15/hr (paypal)

email me at or BNET: ID: Nineteen.390

**I only coach on NA server.

Some replays against popular players:


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