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So i finally started trying to edit the images.....

photoshop hates .txr @_@

i tried renaming it to differnet stuff and trying again, but photoshop still hates it. eventually i managed to get it to work, but all the transparency gets screwed over.

is there other way for me to edit the images without using the sdol templates?

Can the conversion back into txr/srds really be done with simple renaming? orz

EDIT: So i also tried messing around with the respawn page (1534.txr)

Afterwords the white lines that represent the empty hp bar disapeared 8D

the white lines on top of the respawn screen also disapear 8D

so do the empty hp/sp bars

I really wonder how this will turn out


result is zoa, well, that was kind of expected since there was nothing where the empty hp bar was to be taken from.....

(can anyone suggest a fix? XD)

EDIT: Exact steps

1. renamed txr to jpeg
2. used paint to save in proper format
3. used photoshop to add what i wanted in
4. saved as jpeg
5. renamed as .txr
6. repacked
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