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Originally Posted by Momiji
I don't know if you're done yet, but I'm gonna give you some help.

1) Don't put images and information in quotes.
Aside from quoting large amounts of text from people, keep the actual information of the guide outside the text. And if you do decide to put information in quotes, make sure to at least keep it all together.

2) Your leveling guide.
I'm biased because quotes are just disgusting in my mind. I would include actual leveling places such as Fiesta, Music Room, Phantom Annex (etc.).

3) Information.
Your guide in my eyes lacks information. You just have a bunch of picture without actually stating why you should get skill XY.

That's from a basic read. If you need some help with guides, I recommend you look at Jaeyr's guides. They are -very- detailed and incredibly informative. Even if you don't follow the levels of detail, the format she uses for her guides are amazing.
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