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Beel is a jewel in the roughBeel is a jewel in the roughBeel is a jewel in the rough

Originally Posted by kuyaBaka
<--- fancy mustache-twirl, you say?

Love what you're doing. Making grammar something that can easily be learned in 5 minutes or less is bound to help a few kiddies learn how to type properly. Something about it kinda reminded me about the Oatmeal grammar comics. I think they'd be good, too. Comical, yet effective -- it'll catch the eye, entertain the reader, then do a bit of teaching by giving them humor with grammar lessons.
OHOHO, fabulous picture y'got there! And thanks to you and everyone else for the feedback! I took all your suggestions into account and decided to make one (admittedly thick) lesson on homonyms. See y'all in about a week!