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Originally Posted by maxpayne
HK Patch Files

Updated Files are here but Resha only has up to 4/29 ATM

5/26 Patch Files

6/2 Patch Files

Courtesy of Nym

Guys/Gals, kindly use the Search button its very useful
What ones do I download the 6/2 or 5/26 or both o_O. I'll try both, but if it works I love you <3

*EDIT* I knew it was to good to be true, I downloaded them both extracted them in the Data folder, when I clicker on the elsword hk folder, theres Elsword and data, when I click on Data theres another Data folder and the rest of the stuff, what one do I extract it to? I did the 2nd one, but it still patches. The one you gave me is missing some like data014 and stuff, ALSO WHAT DOES X2 DO

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