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Originally Posted by Saigyouji
I'm not really doing these for rep points but thanks anyway. I just feel satisfied that more people are turning to Korean voices due to the fact they're just simply awesome.
hardwork deserves a nice reward so why not give the reward for those who did a great job.

if only GC JPN still alive..... how i wish to hear the seiyuu for ley, zero, and mari

Originally Posted by Saphire
yeah... trying to find the ley file....I tried using the direct link to netmarble but its not working. Also does anyone have the pet sounds (for example icey and Knight master in Korean? I used to have them and then i screwed up and lost them all.... Still looking for Ley...

I like Kowiz's batcher so I'ma continue to use that.

I just need the actual files if anyone can help me access that?
can you send me the batcher too? i want to try it. the link on 1st post is dead so i can't use it and google didn't yield an answer for this batch download link.