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Correct me if I'm wrong but a crash shot with really high dex and max should be able to outdps anything in mob, an elf with .5s magnum will even more since it destroys single targets as well if the elf can crit on elite mode monsters (which i think crash shot will still win out since you will rarely find a singled out monster unless its a boss)

Golem WM > All other WM for now, not too sure how it compares once golem is nerfed but Alchemy has the best melee support although at a high cost (7k per snow golem in Ruairi) but you can profit if you don't use the golem stupidly.
*Also, Golem is the only way a person could efficiently solo Fortinbras without fireball (haven't seen any Fireball Fortinbras solos but I assume it works well)

As far as magic is concerned, I'm not too sure but I think Alchemy is stronger in a shorter range but magic covers a larger area which might be better.

Without golem, there's only WC and FB to cover majority of your damage which:

Water Cannon = Useless in Higher modes unless you're heavily enchanted with Crit but still fairly useless because slow DPS without Chain Cylinder because of multiaggro

Flame Burst = Can become very strong despite low range but it's really hard to find some of the enchants (Peaca Int for Flame, Other Alchemist Elite for Steam, Fortinbras for Spark ES, and terribad drop rates too)

Eveything else is pure support although it does rape (it's been calculated that 57seconds is the longest you can hold a frozen blast)

Therefore, Flame Burst = Best. Water Alchemist losers can suck on a lemon and watch me murder everything >D


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