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@Vith - I may be able to help with that. Just gotta create yet another account...

@Andz - I'm pretty sure I've seen Nyooo recently enough. I'm not sure about your other characters, though.

Anyway, a GA came online last night and provided some more information about this wipe, most/all of which you guys probably don't care about:

-The actual characters will NOT be deleted; only the IGNs are being changed.
-Buddy lists and mailboxes on affected characters will be deleted because they're tied to the old IGNs.
-You'll NOT be kicked from the guild, but it could take a few days for the guild to refresh the new names
-There will be a way for people who lost IGNs to rename their characters, probably involving OGP's helpdesk. The lost names will be first-come-first-serve, however.