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Originally Posted by Ryxios
Don't make me rape you, Yume.

I waited an ungodly amount of time for the game to patch, holy shit our internet is slow as balls.

And now to wait for Ezio to grow the hell up and be awesome.

You still play Tricky, Yume? /starestare at games bar
Is that a threat? ^_~

The games bar is at Truckstar because I haven't played anything else. School took over my life |:

Mavs, play jTO with me. That way you can't buy lolboxes \o/

(I haven't played jTO for a while, but I will if someone plays with me \o/)
I went on eTO a while ago (a few months ago) and so much stuff changed. You don't even need to party or grind. -.-; Just do quests... all quests. in jTO, I've gotten up to like level 120 or something with like no grinding at all.
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