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Originally Posted by xSmiley
I just really hope that in the skills revision/addition, they implement 'signature card skills' for soulmaster, scientist, and primadonna. Seeing as, gladiators get chi sword, priests get celestial strike, thief masters get poison assault, champions get flaming fist and dark lords get dark commando.
It would be very hard to implement a skill like this for the Soul Masters because it depends on what seals you choose, unless they decide to do five different quests for each elemental combo, or even individual element, giving them two signature moves. Which would be okay, since the Soul Masters already are at a huge disadvantage. But it wouldn't help much. I'm assuming that it would just be a neutral magic spell or a spell that uses all five elements (SUPER RAINBOW EXCELLENT BLAZING STRIKE GO!) or something.
I'm really dumb >:U

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