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@ Rith

Thanks~ I'll continue to try and improve

@ Stryker

what the hell? o___o

Originally Posted by retune
Nice gameplay.

I envy the fact that your SC has 1 more custom point than mine does

Regardless. You often moved about for no apparent reason. I dunno, maybe I just don't get why you did it, but it seemed like a waste of boost to me.

Also, probably just personal preference, but I thinks you should be adding attack for OC instead of speed.
The speed was temporary for the lulz, to test the 24.9 cap myself

After that, i failed OC and put it in attack when i got it back XD

i'll try to waste less boost, but what i was trying to do was scout XD

autolock on dones't tell me what enemy is there you see...

Originally Posted by Zeconic
I just feel that you could use your boomerangs more :<
I'll try to do that more
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