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Default What to invest in next?

Quit for a while. Decided to play again.
Currently a level 128 crit blader grinding on Dark Ninjas.

full fury set +4 with a good crit glove
Corala Rainbow Blade + 3 (max phys +30%)
Berkhart Fashion Set
Brownie Pet
Stamina Colo accessory set.

What should I invest in next?
Should I wait till level 146 and buy Orion Blades? What would be the best approach to it? Do I try and find one that's already enchanted? What stat should I aim for and how much would that cost?
I'm iffy about finding a high dura blade and giving someone the supers to enchant it for me. Last time I did it, the corala blades turned out bad. I guess I just have bad luck with enchanting.

Or do I try and buy a good enchanted Phoenix Earrings or Tiger Sign.
What Stats should I aim for, and around how much would that cost me?

Or should I get my ely skills for stats? 15m seems like a big investment. Are those stats worth it?

Or should I use my entire savings and buy 5 ss5 coins and get my 5th tier? Seems impossible for me to finish the quests myself to get the coins.

Where should I be training next? I tried Red Ninjas and it hurts too much. Doubt I can earn back the money for the combo pots unless it's double drop.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I am clueless on what to do next.