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Originally Posted by Kenzor
That glitch thing, where you could use the pet compound things and put them in your equips instead, I forget what they were called.

I exploited this glitch on most of my equips, only to find they would delete my equips 1.5 years later unless I was willing to pay cash to remove the compound thingies
roflrofl I did that on a couple pieces of eq to see what the hype was. But I always had shitty compounding luck, so I didn't get any spectacular results anyway. I was already on the verge of quitting when that announcement happened. All I did was log on and nate a dragon vest, logged off, and that was honestly the last time I ever got on Tricky. idfk why I bothered saving that vest if I wasn't coming back in the first place lol. Oh well.

Originally Posted by moffit
>3> I just made a duke. They made cards 0wt and it is still a pretty awesome change imo.
Can't say I know wha- OH. You mean zero weight? I'm sitting here trying to figure out what in the flying **** "0wt" is. WT IS NOT PART OF MY LINGO ANYMORE, OKAY.

Rofl I never got into coons anyway, I got bored really early on with one. And my hybrid cat sucks, so all in all, the card thing doesn't particularly pique my interest.

I'm pretty much thoroughly done. Even if I ever came back, I couldn't bear to use my old chars.