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Default The return of LightSin's weekly contest

Heya everyone.

I have been gone a long time (comes with having is it called? A life?)
I starting up my contests again. The prize? 1 500m card courtesy of yours truely.


1. The contest will be 3 rounds of free for all no holds bar.
(Meaning Items and any rank of Mobile Suit may be used)

2. Based on a first come first serve basis. 8 players (including myself to referee and participate)

3. 1st round will be of C-rank, 2nd round: B + C rank, 3rd Round: Any rank of your choosing.

4. The point systems will be the judge of the entire. How many pts you get at the end of a round will be your score. Then after 3 rounds, the pts will be added together and a victor chosen.

5. In the case of a tie, the tied players will battle 1v1 (or in the strongest chance of a 3 way tie a 1v1v1) without my supervision (they can lock on to me and get confused on who is who)

The first contest will be Thursday, the 2nd of June at 5 PM EST (GMT -05:00)

For any questions, post down below or PM me.
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