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Originally Posted by Nihil679
I'll probably play Mari, first server isn't it?

Since I live my life making my life harder, I'll play elf. That recommendation would be useful.

I'll stick with range since no dual daggers on elves kind of killed the melee idea for me. I'll still get the recommended skills up though, like Windmill and all.

Not sure about magic though, I found it gimmicky. The one time I used magic while playing was to spam lightning on things I couldn't shoot with bow because of Nature Shield.

Could I like... buy my way back into the new character kit thing? That daily rebirth sounds useful, but if Sandrie's right, my old character's being a cockblock. |:
The way you "buy" your way back into that new character thing is deleting all current characters on your account (pets included). Then, create a new character with the free card that you will be given (my recommendation, like everyone else, is to make a human with THAT card). Make a human, then use that human to get an elf and a giant character card from their respective villages. That way you'll get 2 more characters, for 3x the storage.

And technically no, Mari isn't the first server. Nao was the CBT server, and was the first one. When OBT released, Mari, Ruairi, and Tarlach servers were all released at the same time. Yes the IP address/hardware of the Nao server was the one used for the Mari server, but all OBT servers were released at the same time. Also, Mari is generally known among the Mabinogi community as the loldrama server (no intent to offend Mari players, but you know it's true). Ruairi is known to generally have the most efficient hackers/modders (generally like... 95% of all mods you see on the English-speaking net are distributed by Ruairi players). Tarlach is known as the "noobie" server (not because it only has noobs, but rather because it has the lowest concentration of "pro" players). Alexina isn't really known as anything, though it actually has some of the best players (being the newest server, it still has a large concentration of people with total level over 4000).

Anyway, I've got no particular server recommendation for you. Mari and Ruairi would be best since there are guilds on both servers that would welcome and help you get started (Wish on Mari, Kirameki on Ruairi).

Anyway, feel free to add me regardless. My main character is a giant on Ruairi, named Himself.