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Wink The Ultimate Guide To Everything

The Ultimate Guide To Everything

By (IGN JinxerKingX) - Donations accepted lmao - by ingame mail or if you randomly see me outside of spookyville

Table of Contents

(I'll put a special code next to each content thingymigig, so you can use ctrl+f to find anything easily)
I. Introduction (INTR)
a.The basic basics.... hmmmm (BASC)
--Controls (BCON)
--Grind or Quest? (GORC)
--Key Items (woot woot) (KEYI)

(INTR) Introduction

You read right, this is the ultimate guide to everything
Lets get one thing straight first. I am do not think I'm a pro. In this guide I will basically overload you with all the information I know about Latale. While it may be best for you to go to to specific forums for particular subjects, this guide will stuff as much....stuff...into it.

This guide will probably never be finished. As good old OGP adds more things to Latale, this guide will also be updated.

What annoys me about some people in the Latale community is that they reall don't give a damn about anyone else lol. I am not one of those people lol, so don't hesitate to mail me ingame lol .

(BASC) The Basics
Here is everything to get any noob started up. Still useful to those who want some helpful tips or just need some memory refreshing. BTW If you are a noob, feel free to mail me and I will send you some ely and all sorts o.O

(BCON) Controls
Ok, your probably a noob if your reading this. The controls are easy to learn. So easy to learn that when you start a new character, the game lets you learn to walk on your own two feet by giving you a training area . Feel free to change the default config around though, by pressing O in game and pressing hotkeys or dragging know what, I'll cover this later with a vid .

(vid here)

(image here)

Anyways heres my config
Movement: arrow keys
Skills in: A,S,D,F,Alt,Shift (note: put your less used skill in F as you will notice you don't actually press the button a lot when spamming skill combos hehehe)
Normal attack: Z
Strong attack: X
Jump: C
Pick up: V
Broad jump (essential for travelling; covered later): Space bar
Potions and random skills (e.g. hp/sp pots, rage skill, dig, mining): 1-9 & 0
(Note: put a stone of iris fragment in one of your 1-0 slots to get you out a sticky situation e.g. 100hp left with hyunmu charging an attack (covered later lol, it's best to put it in the 0 key, since you don't want to accidently press it instead of using a hp pot.)

(random pic ftw)

(GORC) Grind or Quest?
When you first start playing latale, I suggest you use level 1-40 to decide whether you are going to mainly grind or quest to lvl up (unless you've already decided)

Level 1 - 10: Easy peasy; grinding on prirings, beetles and wolves isn't really...grinding since you hardly need any xp to get to lvl 10, in fact a mob of what I and others around lvl 80 grind to get 1% of our xp bar would level you far past level 10 lol.

Level 10-20: This is the beggining point of where you start deciding whether you will mainly quest or grind. Most people (including myself) quested around this point.

Level 20-30: Getting'll notice your xp isn't going up as much per quest.

Level 30-40: Deciding point: By now you would have heard of spooky (if you hadn't read this). Try alternating between one level of questing and one level of grinding (between each level) e.g. 31-grind, 32- quest, 33- grind.... the xp needed won't shoot up between each level so this is a good point to make up your mind.

From level 30 upwards I mainly went with grinding. But, I still done the occasional bit of questing for lets hour maximum. This sometimes left me with only 20% of xp left to the next level which is quite good, considering that I still got xp from killing the monsters in quests while having a nice bonus at the end.

The only thing with questing is that it can get pretty having to get 30 of x item from monster y ladedadadada....

Either way, once you hit lvl 70 , leveling gets loooooong, unless you have prime xp pots hehehe (covered later).

(random pic ftw)

(KEYI) Key Items
Every item is key.....lies
Some are just pointless misc stuff, that monsters drop. Well they are pointless to me anyways lol, but I think refiners use some (covered later).

HP and SP Pots-
lol If you don't know what these are then you must be a uber noob to life :S (jk jk)

--Health potion, saves your life a lot lmao

-- No SP pots = no SP for skills

-- Combo of the HP and SP pots

As you gain levels, you will also have to buy higher leveled pots. It's pointless trying to survive with the basic hp pots which give you 60hp if you have 2000hp. The higher leveled pots take on different forms.

Potions can be found in any major Misc shop all cities/towns (wateva) have an NPC with [Misc Shop] written over their head. Monsters even drop them too, so if your completely skint, just kill some monsters (will make a list) and they will drop lol.

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