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Guild: Titans/ggFTW

4: Extras

Ranger: Tips

What to do:

*Siege Loop: Z-Siege on close enemies away from/at walls. Z-Siege is Rena's infamous infinite combo that is inescapable unless there's bad lag. It is basically the first Z, which is a kick, followed by an immediate press of the Siege skill, which stuns the opponent for a long time for you to cancel Siege mode and do another Z. This only works with maxed Siege Mode Mastery. It's weak, but it deals good damage for its high number of hit combos. Start to use Siege once you see your Z attack hit and flinches the enemy so s/he/it won't jump away.

**ZZ-Siege if you want to be safe. Works just like Z-Siege, but the thing about Z-Siege that it's fast enough that you may not flinch your opponent long enough to lock them in place. You can do ZZ-Siege instead to be safer. It will also move the opponent a step farther as you kick and combo if that is what you are planning.

***ZZZ-Siege at wall, exceptions are for dungeons. You can Z-Siege, but ZZZ-Siege has slightly higher damage due to the 3rd Z having a slight increase in damage. You will also be gaining some more mana. Do not use in PvP in the open area, the enemy can get away because the third Z is for some reason, glitched, and may not flinch the enemy. If your enemy is not very laggy, then ZZZ-Siege is possible in open space.

**Siege-X key on a very close enemy. This means get in Siege Mode and hit X. All 3 arrows will do the highest potential of damage.

***Siege-Z key on a far away enemy if necessary. This means get in Siege Mode and hit Z. This you will most likely be using for PvP, only if necessary. For dungeons, there isn't really much use for Siege-Z, you should be XX-Looping. But you can still use it if you like.

**>>^Z. This is Rena's best way to cover distance. Basically dash and jump and Z and the instant you hit ground, dash, jump and Z again. You can also spam this to do about a 6 or 7 hit combo (PvP wise), but to do so is only available after advancing to Grand Archer, as doing in Ranger or Sniping Ranger job will knock down enemies.

What NOT to do:

*NEVER EVER ZZZZ. It may give a boosting finisher damage, but this knocks down enemies and a rule to comboing is NEVER KNOCKDOWN, or do most hits possible without knocking down. If you do this attack in dungeons or PvP I will make sure you are stabbed. With arrows.

**NEVER XXXX like some newb. Firstly yes it is powerful and hits multiple opponents, but it is slow and leaves you open. If you really want to arrow spam, then do the XX loop.

***DO NOT OVERHEAT SIEGE MODE. See Siege Mode in the Ranger section for more information.

Combat Ranger: Tips

**Storm Stomping: With the advancement your ^^Z can now become ^^ZZ. The change is that the stomp does not knockdown like the Ranger job would do, and so, you can repeatedly do ^^Z over and over as fast as you can for about 7 or 8 hits; this is nicknamed storm stomping by some players.. This is a good trick if you want to annoy your opponent somewhat.

**Storm Stomping v2: Instead of repeatedly ^^Z-ing over and over, you can v^Z. If on a platform which you can fall through, you can fall and then immediately jump back up and stomp. This is very quick, but note that you won't hit enemies in front of you as often when facing them with your back. Also, this is trickier to pull off.

**>>^ZZ: As said earlier, >>^Z is the best way to cover ground. If you decide to use >>^Z repeatedly on an enemy, and you want to ensure you want to keep your opponent from attacking, the second Z is a kick which will help keep them in place. Be noted that it still adds to the knockdown counter. This is optional, and only recommended to use if you just want to toy with your opponent for a bit.

^^ZZ Catching: When you do the windmill kick, remember that it works best if the opponent is behind you since Rena slightly moves back a bit. Anyways, once you send them into the air, if you can quickly hit them before they reach the ground, you can start comboing, either a ZZZ>>^Z or the quick Z-Siege.

Wind Sneaker: Tips

**ZZ>ZZ > ZZ>ZZ > ZZ>ZZ > etc. As stated earlier, ZZ>ZZ is the easiest and most powerful infinite for Wind Sneaker, making her the lazy combo character. Basically it's holding your arrow key, then keep doing ZZ>ZZ. Do not press the fifth Z fast, rather, just make a small pause and continue to do another ZZ>ZZ. The two leg smashes that follow after the first initial kicks are more powerful, hence why you can hear that louder noise when you hit with them. This is a deadly weapon, and is an apocalypse when combined with Nature Force. Nearly everyone hates this infinite. You will lock them in place if you have enough attack speed, making your enemies unable to escape imminent death, unless they mana break, of course.

**Arielinna. Such an awesome skill of the Wind Sneaker. Before Siege was given an overheat system, any Rena could combine this with Siege and just spam like a machine gun. Now, it's best use is for healing and to assist party members. However, you can still Siege-spam, just do the two or three shots as mentioned before. And, make sure you already have high enough attack speed, like maybe 15%. If you don't want to Siege spam, you can ZZ>ZZ infinite instead.

4.2 Combo Videos

4.3 Skill Build Help

Level 20 Mark:

Level 35 Mark:

*PvE Builds may switch Low Kick with Spinning Kick or Crescent Kick. Only get Crescent Kick if you can buy its skill note.

Level 43 Mark:

Level 50 Mark:

Level 56 Mark (Max Level):

4.4 Equipment Recommendations

Lv1-20: Do whatever. Keep Bandit's Set and its upgraded version for long awakening in dungeons.

Lv22-26 - Nasod Miner gear. If you can, head to the weapon shop and craft them into their upgraded version (Lethal Bow, Divine Skirt, etc.)Nasod Miner set effects provide high physical attack, which will allow you to live until Lv40 or so.

Lv40 - PvP if you can and obtain C Rank gear.
*Craft Master level gear if you wish.

Lv44 - Velder Militia Set.
*Craft Master level gear if you wish.

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