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Guild: Titans/ggFTW

3: Rena, the Wind Sneaker

3.1 The Wind Sneaker

Advancing further in her martial arts, Rena later learns new skills and methods to help make her kicks more effective. One of her main skills is that Rena can enhance her legs by imbuing the power of mana in them, making her kicks even more dangerous. By using their mana that were used as an aid in strengthening their limbs, they themselves have become dangerous weapons. Also having a close tie with Nature, Rena can call upon their powers to increase her defense and resistance. They, who borrow the power of the nature, and keep the nature in order each with their own different methods, are called: "Wind Sneakers". Wind Sneakers make use out of any simple attack, chaining it to an almost-endless combo.

3.2 Additional Basic Attacks

While you gain a job advancement, you also get extra attack sequences that will improve game play as well as extend the variety of combos.

Note that these sequences are of course, Wind Sneaker exclusive.

ZZ>ZZZ - Two normal kicks followed by a turning kick and two powerful knee smashes.
**ZZ>ZZ is going to be your infinite melee chain.

>>XZZ - Sneak behind the enemy to fire an arrow and follow with a long range knee smash followed by a powerful tornado kick.

3.3 Wind Sneaker's Skills

As a Wind Sneaker, you are capable of doing combo kicking hell out of enemies, in style! Or, if you chose the arrow spam path...really, if you did decide to arrow spam, I don't know what compelled you to do so in a physical type class. Oh well, whatever you decide, you're going to have fun.

You will also still see one more skill that is (LOCKED). So yeah, prepare to do the skill quest.

(70) Row 15

Power Shooting - Increase arrow attack power, speed, knockdown power, and range. Prerequisite: Mastered Fighting Spirit
You'll need this to increase Siege mode damage and further strengthen your arrows. This is an especially good passive. Perhaps now you will start using arrows more, and when you learn how to use them well, this skill definitely helps you. Anyways, max if you did take Fighting Spirit.
PvE: 3/3
PvP: 3/3
Hybrid: 3/3

Slide Double Kick - Slide kick under the enemy and make two backward kicks, with the second kick sending the opponent flying in the air. If you miss with the initial kick, you regain 50 MP.
This skill is a max for those that love to combo. There is not much use for PvE, as you can use the points for other attack skills. If you do have the spare, then take this for sneaking behind bosses or such, or you can have fun comboing on dungeon monsters.
PvE: 0/5 or 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5

(75) Row 16

Nature's Affinity (LOCKED) - By gaining the support of nature, the damage received is reduced at a chance.
This is a nice skill. It reduces damage received AND increases elemental resistances at a certain chance, from 5% at Lv1 to 10.4% at Lv5. Because you're going to be hit so many times, you might as well take it. However, save points if you need to get the must have skills first, so until then, learn to dodge.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5

**To unlock Friendship with Nature, you must do the Advanced Branch skill quest.
Quest 1: Buy the High Quality scroll (It costs 300k ED from Camilla, aka the PVP girl)

Quest 2: Collect 50 drops from any mob in 4-6

Quest 3: Collect 4 drops from Uno Hound (boss) in 5-1 on any difficulty.

Quest 4: Collect 3 drops from Chloe (boss) on 5-2 on Very Hard

Quest 5: Clear 5-1 on Very Hard in less than 6 minutes, Clear 5-2 on Very Hard in less than 8 minutes, and Clear 5-3 on Very Hard in less than 8 minutes.

Nature Force - Illuminate feet with a green aura to greatly increase attack damage.
MUST MAX OR DELETE YOUR WIND SNEAKER. I emphasize that because this skill is very important. For a certain amount of time, you decrease knockdown rate and increase your damage at a price of kicks not giving you MP gain. That's right, you don't lose MP or gain MP, the only MP you are gaining is your slow MP recharging as you kick combo with Nature Force. From Lv1 of 115% increased damage for 6 seconds to Lv5 of 175% increased damage for 10 seconds. However, if you over level this to Lv6, that's 190% increased damage for 11 seconds. That's nearly doubled damage. By the way, don't stress over missing with combos, you do a starting kick that flinches the opponent, so you'll be fine.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5

(80) Row 17

Arielinna - Summon "The Flaring Fairy", the spirit of the forest to create a circular aura that continuously heals party members and increase attack speed.
This skill, is just paradise for Rena and every other combo character, like Elsword, Raven or Eve. It's a fun skill that works like the item "Illipia's Touch", which heals party members, so yes, this skill heals party members, and it's very useful for dungeon runs when you are low on potions or can't use potions. But, not only at max level do you heal .86% of your max HP rapidly, but you also gain a 15% increase in attack speed, movement speed, and jump speed, regardless of the max value. So yeah, if you can reach a high amount of attack speed, movement, and jump, you can have up to 45% max, which makes your Rena a machine gun (via Siege Mode) as well as some freaky agile ninja for the other characters. . Have fun spamming this skill.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5


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