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-Is this a type of game where you would need to start out with large sums of currency? (etc. Maplestory requires Large sums of meso to develop a great character.)
At the higher levels you need more and more money because levelling up 1 skill costs SP (skill points) and money. Later this gets more and more. Thus when you start it's good to lurk at the official forum and other sites for guides on skills.
Also after level 60 you level mainly through AOE (except WereFox) thus you need a lot of hierograms, which is a cash shop item - Don't worry it's trade able so you can buy it in game, but it's expensive.

-What would the rating on PW be, according to MyMMOgames members?
You lost me here ;D

-I have seen screenshots of the game, yes, but can anyone explain to me the gameplay of PW? (I heard it's like WoW, just wanting to verify)
In the beginning it's only quests quests quests. You don't really have to grind but you've to do all the quests. Never skip a quest, this is because you also get reputation from it. When you're at a certain level and have certain rep(utation) you can buy better equipment.
Around level 50 starts the grinding, and after level 60 it's mainly grinding.
However at each x9 level (19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69 etc.) you're able to go to a 'fb'. This is a dungeon with a quest in it. The rewards are awesome so make sure you never skip it. Also take a lot of people with you because they get also much EXP from killing the boss. IF they are in your party and IF a tablet is activated.
After level 60 you're able to get HH items. HH is also a dungeon and you can get mats (items for item making) here to make your weapons / equip. You can get a weapon (green weapon) at level 60, I think the equipments were at level 70 - Don't remember.
For making the items you have several 'jobs'. For pots, jewellery, equip and weapons. It's best to level jewellery, equip and weapons because they are really useful. So make also sure you dig every mat you see. The mats are STONES and not the plants - Those are for pots.

-Which character would be good to start out with, or is it the player's opinion?
It depends on what you like. But WereFox is the easiest class to play. They are also quick money makers thus you don't have to worry a lot about the money problem.

- I guess I provided enough information now :P If you need more, ask or visit the official site forum -

Thank you so much k0n <3