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Translated some of the new events:

1st Spending Event:Top 20 Spenders
(as)MASURAO(c3) +(br)Blue Frame Amatsu Revise(C3)+ (cr)Shark Ball(c4)+lvl protect x10 + 1000EXP capsule(full)X10 + 100%OC Cell x3

2nd Spending event:Recharge 65000M
Prize:(br)Blue Frame Amatsu Revise(C3) + (cr)Shark Ball(c4)+1000Exp caps(full)X5 + 100% OC Cell

3rd Spending Event:Recharge 45000M
Prize:(br)Blue Frame Amatsu Revise(C3) + 1000Exp caps(full)X5 + 100% OC Cell

4th Spending Event:Recharge 20000M
獎品:(cr)shark ball(c4) + 1000Exp caps(full)X5 + Level protect x5
__________________________________________________ _____________________
2X Event:

27th,28th,29th May
GMT+8; 8~10 PM
__________________________________________________ _________________________

GM match 4v4

27th May Friday
Death Match/Ship match (cant tell cuz of the character body)
2 GM into 2 teams to help the players. *2 GM on red to support red, the other 2 GM on blue to suport blue*

Event Date:27th May
Time:GMT+8 6~7 PM
Channel/Server:Expert PvP channel 3
Room name: 死亡艦戰
Prize:Exp Cells 1000 x3