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Are you guys still recruiting?
I've been lurking this forum quite a lot but I just made an account to ask if I, along with two friends, can join the guild.

I have a Lv37 Nemesis but I'm making a Void Princess to keep pace with my other friend's newly acquired Raven (his other char is a Lv37 Elemental Master).
The third friend is someone who just downloaded HK Elsword and will be a Void Princess as well, until he can do the quest to unlock Eve.

It'd be nice to be in an English speaking guild, since the HK natives tend to get mad when they find out you only speak English/are from NA. They like to use the = = face.
My friend can read Chinese but he can't type it for whatever reason.

Also, one more question.
For guild skills, are they automatically applied to every guild member as soon as they join? Because my EM friend and I were in the same guild and I got the Alchemy bonus but he didn't...