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Unhappy Scammed by MageShot

Well i got scammed by this guy called "MageShot"
i gave him 5.4k for a Dragon 190 DX box, hope u guys list him to prevent over ppl to get scammed by him.... :S i just lost 5.4k.... but i dun want other ppl to get scammed by him.. a friend i got (who wanted points too xD) xPurePosion (iNina) told me about this thread, so i'll post the screenies i got... i was never scammed before, so i didn't took to much screenies... hope they work.... ^.^

Deletes me of Friend List

Rejects Friend Invitation Again

Proof that i gifted the item

After looking for a while, HE CAME BACK!!! i traded him to try to avoid all this and get my money... 45m for 5.4k MS Pts....

But he just left the map and cancelled the trade, so HE WAS THERE, he wasn't afk

So this is my story U.U hope it helps.... and sorry if the screenies are too big xD