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setsuko has a little shameless behaviour in the past
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today i encountered an invincible warrior , a godly player in HK sv , he is invisible and invincible even kira yamato + amuro ray + char azanabe alliance wouldnt do a scratch on him , he is newtype LV 999999999

that was like 1 vs 4 ( include me ) we 4 cant even deal him a single HP ( yes he's invisible like knock-down state but he can hit us lol )

im 100% guarantee that was no lagging , we can see him move properly , shooting properly and he just KO 4 of us one by one

the guy game is DONIS or DONIZ something , i'll remember this name for the rest of my life

this is just a cool story about an invincible warrior ( yes or hacker ) didnt have my fraps on so no screenshots or video , i wish i had it damn !

btw after the game he kicked me out lol \

beware when u r in the same room with that guy

*downloading fraps*

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