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Default [MSoTW] [16/05 - 22/05] GINN (Missile Launcher)


Attack: 12.3
Agility: 13.5
HP: 9.9
Speed: 14.7
Defense: 12.3
Special: 9.3
Poor HP and SP, but has somewhat good Speed and Attack for a C rank

Skill Set:

Reload Up: Reload time is decreased by 25%.
Attack Up: The unit's attack power is increased.

Weapon Set:

Weapon 1: Slam
1 Hit KD, No Melee Dash, absolutely fun and damaging attack. Good for trolling and countering rocks.

Weapon 2: M66 "Canus" Short-Range Guided Missile Launchers
Fires 4 homing missiles (2 from each sides). Fast reload, fast travel speed, and mid range. Selling point of this suit. It curves nicely and can pack one powerful punch.

Weapon 3: M68 "Pardus" 3-Barrel Missile Launchers
Fires missiles to the foe. Shorter range than weapon 2 but deals good damage. Has 3 ammo and fast reload. IMMOBILE WHILE FIRING.

How to use:
Slam: Mainly for countering/trolling rocks.
Homing Missiles: Use this for gaining SP and damaging foes on longer distance.
Missile Launchers: Only use for damaging at short distance.


All in all:
-Weapons reload fast.
-Weapons do amazing damage.
-Homing missiles have good travel speed and good curvings.

-Low HP and SP

-none as of now (cant find any). There is one but it was made in the noob channel in KR.-
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