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So, huh, I was trying POKÉMON ONLINE for the kicks, had some fun using my childhood favourites, but fighting like, the same team over and over (since most people use the same 10 pokémon) was a bit boring. Eventually I decided to use a team with those pokémon to see if using them was as stupid as it seemed. So when using them I realized it takes 1/4 of a brain to be good with them and that's why most people with high scores there have a brain as big as a cherry.
Now this is where the real rant starts:
I was fighting someone (that was using a team made of THE MOST POWERFUL EVARZZZ) and won, even though he had some hax going on for him. He then said: HEY IF I DIDN'T MISS WHEN I USED (can't remember the move, but it was a low accuracy move, which you use KNOWING THEY MAY MISS) I WOULD'VE WON!!!!!111 YOU SUCK!!!!!". I thought to myself "what", but then decided to be a troll too, since I was checking the dark sides of things that day. I said: "OH NO YOU RUINED MY LIFE AND MY DREAMS BECAUSE I REALLY WANTED.... TO BE A POKÉMON MASTER!!!!!!!!!". He then said "GOOD, THAT'S WHAT I WANTED AND I APPRECIATE SARCASM" and then "YOU REALLY SUCK". Then I won the match (during the battle I was reading a book at the same time, so you can see how hard is to win with thos prized pokémon) and left the battle room.

ANYWAY: I WANNA KNOW WHY PEOPLE FEEL LIKE SAYING TO OTHERS THAT THEY ARE SO AWESOMEOASMEONSAMESAUCE IN SOME RANDOM GAME THAT WAS MADE FOR FUN? the thing that makes me happy is that this kid is probably never going to have chidren, so his dumb genes will stop there.

THE END ;_______________________;