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TF's PaC's first card isn't random. So he is basically a stun bot with large dps and global for those who have mastered him..Farming is especially important on every carry.. so being able to separate from team, and thus farm while still being able to choose where you want to be when team fights start give tf a major advantage. Also, wards can prevent ganks by most junglers, but cant prevent them from tf or nocturne.

Lets say Sion is balanced, but Alistar is way better than Sion.
He has 4 skills scaling off ap, Headbutt and pulverize being 1:1( both of them being disables and pulverize AOE disable). Alistar doesn't need farm to be a tank or be useful. Sion, however, does need lots of farm to be efficient. and falls off largely late game compared to AP Alistar. For those who say Sion's stun is ranged, Alistar has similar range with headbutt pulverize combo. Also, Alistar's laning phase is just so and perhaps too strong...

Boots is a must ... yes.. but do we really want philosopher stones to be almost a must?
Its actually a really strong first item on characters like Irelia/Jarvan/etc.

O yeah, The new champ is bs ;-;
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