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Originally Posted by Seim
Honestly, if you're losing to someone that started with dorans or going for p.stone in lane. I can't say you're too good. Most of the times you will have the upper hand in harass and damage trades.

TF is good in an organized team but really, his strength is just from split pushing... nothing another team that is just as organized can't defend from.

As for AP alistar.. really? He has insanely large cooldowns and the cost for his skills are not small either. I don't really see a problem here. If he is farmed, just like any other hero, he will beat you down.

Singed is annoying yes. But he's not OP.

Summary: None of the things you mentioned really needs a nerf.
I could cry Eve nerf juse because I hate her and how she forces teams to buy alot more vision wards or play alot safer except I know that it's just my personal preference about playing against eves and how I think they're annoying.
Your argument is flawed depending on the skill bracket you are playing in and just flawed in general.

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