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So C Agi, OC Attack is awesome for Legend, seems to blend nicely. The beam rifles are lightning fast now and melee even more life-saving in tight spots. Still need to find the rigth way to play it best, I have been using Akatsuki so much and it's pure awesome, love meleeing noob God or Deathscythe's into submission ^.^

I have been toying around with my 00 Gundam build, what would be a good build? Full Attack or Full Defense?

Right now I have C Speed, OC Attack but I don't know if it works well for me. Any help is appreciated, and leave the 00 sucks comments at home because I know they made it crappy! (What is with the 00 S2 line they seem to have some drawbacks to them in serious matches, as far as Arios and 00 go)

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