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I'm thinking something like:

D-Rank (1 star)

W1: Melee slash, 1 Hit KD WITH melee boost
W2: Melee, 5 hit KD up to 8 hit combo
W3: Homing missles (ARPA style) that inflicts "Bullet Zero), 1 shot 8 missles

SP: Ranged

W1: Melee, 2 hit KD (like B rank deathcythe)
W2: Beam gun (un-nerfed Unicorn beam), 8 shots
W3: Beam "flashlight" (Virtue style), 3 shots

SP: Ranged

1. Special Skill (Dozle's Pride like fortress with Newtype awakening) activated below 60% [keep in mind its a "D rank"]
2. Special Skill (Attack, Defense, Booster duration, Agility, SP damage UP) activated below 50%

Just for the Lulz, then no one will play this game evar again.