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Originally Posted by Gladiat
Lunia lives for a few more years, dies off... then AllM picks route A or B

A) kill game
B) keep updating

If Route A was chosen: Lunia was once a great MMO, but now it has reached the end of its lifespan... corrupted and broken by the dangerous drugs known as terrible updates. BAD END.

Route B: Lunia has no playerbase. Updates are futile. BAD END.

Or the secret Route C...: Lunia has been rolled back to Open Beta, the new characters implemented and ACTUALLY BALANCED OMG. Game finally revolves more around combos instead of ROAR I OHKO U SMASHSMASHSMASH and rebirth has been supernerfed/removed. GOOD ENDING #1.
this! awhmaiigawd... i would cry from happynes if that would hapen
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