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by huge i meant as in people prioritize killing HAC over lower DPS units, not its size

for example, if you were to see an average A rock rushing at you with a HAC supporting it with fire, you would obviously either try and take out the HAC asap while avoiding the rock or get in cover and take out the rock from there, and then proceed to take out the HAC before any other supporting units to minimize damage

2 was my anti hac tactic that works quite well o_o

3 is what i meant by getting out of its range, get to a place where it cant spray you to death lol

dont get me wrong, i dont mean HAC takes alot of skill to play, but that dones't mean it takes none. It does take some battlefield awareness and good decision making, which is something i see alot of the players using the suit seem to lack. I dont classify it as a completely brainless suit as you've noticed, hacs that run towards you with guns blazing ussually get wiped out rather quickly

on topic. guntank is indeed better however, you have to scope in to get that instant shot while zaku 3 has a beam~ i think zaku 3 can handle 1v2 better than many other units due to its annoying KD beams lol guntank does way better in most other situations though

kd 1 person, hide, hit other person if possible, kd them, repeat

tbh i think it brings back the instant vs non-instant weapons o_o

damage wise: i never paid attention sorry DX
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