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Default [MSoTW] [02/05 - 08/05] NRX-004 Asshimar

Titans! + Mono-eye,
Asshimar a.k.a Mushroom Suit/Pumpkin Suit (You pick )
Asshimar is a B rank Paper event-only suit .
Main use of Asshimar is an Assist-type mid-ranger suit.

Before I start, I want you guys at ggFTW to know that this MSofTW that I write is to let people know about the suit not how to execute every single combo, but rather a simple way to play the suit that is rarely seen/used by people of all servers.

Personal Opinions about the suit.
1) Should have a better skill set for an event-only suit.
2) Has a lot of ammo for normal rifle shots (MS mode + MA mode rifle ammo)
3) Another standard stun gun equipped suit in the game.
4) Function best as an Assist, team player type of suit.


MS mode
Weapon 1
Punch, 4hits to knockdown.

Weapon 2
Large Beam Rifle (Low Output), 8 ammo, medium range, medium reload rate.

Weapon 3
Large Beam Rifle (High Output), 2 ammo, medium range, long reload rate.

MA mode
Large Beam Rifle (Low Output), 7 ammo, medium range, medium reload rate.

Weapon 1 Not that bad of a melee but certainly should not be used as the primary weapon.
Weapon 2 Standard beam rifle.
Weapon 3 Take note, the stun gun is piercing, it penetrates. Not the best but still effective.

MA weapon 1 Standard beam rifle.

Based on the given weapon sets, this suit is known to be a mid-range distance shooter with LOTS of standard beam rifle ammos.

Agility Up
The unit's agility is increased.

Latent Potential
The unit's damage is maximized and SP gain is increased when HP drops below 50%

Melee spec
Asshimar goes into Mobile Fighter mode and starts punching his enemy with its fists.

Beam spec
Just like any other beam special, nothing interesting.


Pros of Asshimar
1st of all I would like to say that eventhough most paper are not born to melee their opponents, there will be a time that you will need to melee them due to unforseen circumstances.

So Asshimar has agility up, allowing it to have a faster reaction time hence being able to execute his melee or other weapons quicker and better.
The agility up really boosts the stun-gun effectiveness although it isnt much but there is a slight difference with agility up instead of just a normal stun gun.

MA mode is really handy, It gives Asshimar extra boosting speed AND boost duration also it allows the user to hit the "V" to quickly land on the ground, allowing it to go/reach somewhere quick to change to its MS mode to stun the enemy and such.

Cons of Asshimar
Latent isnt the best skill for Asshimar, yes, it maximizes damage but its not like you can shoot/spam your stun gun and rifles that quick to maximize the latent skill.

Low base attack stat, cant make full use of the beamrifles. (but this can be overcome by having this Asshimar C and OC attack)

This guy is really like a mushroom, very soft and squishy.

(For laggers/People with lag or suffer delays)
Again, transforming with the "R" into another mode might get yourself killed within seconds.

Customization for Asshimar?
C Attack OC Attack (Recommended)
-With great attack power comes great damage with the stun gun and also the use of all those extra ammos of the beam rifle can be put to better use.
C Agi OC Attack
-This build is for people who feel that Asshimar needs more agility because its slow in many ways and its insufficient even with agility up,hence they should go for this build.
C Special OC Attack
-This build depends on the user, if the user doesn't want to go full attack, the next closest build that suits Asshimar would be this build as this build will focus more on using Beam Spec to either save allies or prevent one-self from getting spec-ed by range/melee spec.

Items & Skill parts for Asshimar?
Items: Self teleport/Invisible/Boost down
Skill Part: Vaccine/Special Up/Newtype Awakening
(Items and Skill Part are arranged in sequence of top priority BUT can be customized based on the user's play-style/preferences)

How to use Asshimar?
1) Use stun gun a lot, but try to save 1 ammo for emergencies (like a rock suddenly rushes towards you or your ally, you can stun it and probably handle it or your team might come for a kill steal )
Also, you can use the stun gun when there are melee clash fights and there are 2 or more enemies, stun gun them to get a double hit/smash and give the upper hand to your allies .
2) Travel with the MA mode not MS mode (only travel in MS mode if you are likely near to a melee oriented suit that is nearby you so that you can stun it if it gets in or out of the way)
3) Use melee whenever necessary, (This need not mean that if you are bullet zero-ed you should melee, NO! You should see how it goes, shall the enemy retreat and shoot, change into MA mode and boost away. Should the enemy fight with melee/close distance you may then "try" to melee.
4) Stick with your teammates and provide fire support.

What NOT TO DO when using Asshimar?
1) Simply waste all of the Stun gun ammo.(again the reload rate isnt that good and it is a weapon that changes many outcome so use it wisely)
2) Rush like a noobcake and think that you are Domon Kasshu going to punch off your enemies down.
3) Camp. (self-explanatory).

I won't be including any combo since Asshimar is more of a flexible Assist type suit that doesn't rely on 1 full combo K.O style. So go figure your own way.

Although Asshimar is an event-only suit, its not really that great but if compared to other (OLD) B rank Paper suits, it is slightly better than some like IMO, Asshimar is better than Marasai in every aspect.
But then again, many new paper B ranks have overpowered Asshimar in many ways.
So to those of you who may wanna get Asshimar over a spending event, think again if you really,really want it as there are lots of newer suits that beats this guy and are overall easier to be obtained.
But it won't hurt to keep it as a collection.

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