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Hmm. Okaaaaay. It's 7N's territory. =DD.
Tell me Why ALL MEMBERS of Blazing Sun was beeing KoSed by Euphoria / 7N's member?
And now Declines too?!

Are you sure man? "If some df00d from this guild decides to fight you guys."? Ok. I fight against 7N and Euphoria. Tell me why ALL MEMBERS of my guild receive kos?. =)

Yea. I receive gangs cuz their noobs can't fight me alone.

1 Our member = 2 7N or 1 7N + 1 Euphoria or Random Helpers *7N say: We don't have ally*.

And How about Xhyro and 0GGY?
Hmm. Since they helps you on War, They're with you guys in pvp and out pvp. ^___^.
You guys should take care about those nabs.