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Originally Posted by Shanni!
I closed that thread for a reason. We have absolutely no affiliation with Xyhro or members with My Soul, Your Beats guild. Take that discussion up with them, not us.

We have no allies. Please stop trying shove things down our throat that isnt true.

A lot of this is just accusations without proof. If you have any type of proof, then provide it. Measures can be taken if there is some form of proof. Vic and Anikka has told us they haven't berzerked the bears on purpose. Anikka joined {7N} 2-3 days ago. It is not our responsibility what she has done or been accused off before shes been in the guild. And once again, Aspros is in Euphoria. Take your complaints to Euphoria section, not 7N.
1 - What I understand by affiliation is when a person has a relation with another one. So, when other guilds that aren't 7N help you, I understand it by affiliation.
2 - We, from Decline, are going to take a discussion with MSYB guild for sure.
3 - You have no allies, so what Euphoria is ? l2D ? My soul, your beats and some members of Ecks T.C ?
4 - We will post a proof about Anikka soon, just wait. =)