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GETTING BACK FROM HERE: /forum/7n-guild/9563...s-ally-do.html

Originally Posted by Cenomx
As anyone can See, I'm in a Neutral Guild.
My soul your beats isn't a neutral guild, cause they are helping 7N and I can prove it just going to pvp and waiting for your guild there. I'm friend of FyeFlowright and his girlfriend KamiioMisuzu, but I already talked with them that I'm in the GoW path. Fye sometimes attacks me but that's okay 'cause mages duels takes some time and I only try to kill the ones that can kill me fast in a war ( powers, like bunnies and buffalos ) btw I already revised that I'll kill ALL the ones from the guilds that are kosing me.


And yes, coming back to the thread's conversation, 7N people ( OR 7N ALLIES ) are always goes to icebears when I'm plvling / Diego is plvling to stay annoying us berseking the bears. I didn't took a screenshot yet but if you continue, soon I'll be taking a SS to show u guys that 7N guild is immoral and are lacking respect with us.

PS: I wish that I remembered to take a pic of Aspros or Anikka berseking the bears days ago. x-x ~ l2D guild did it too ( not these days but Aka and Blitz have did it yet )

I can respect you if you respect me, Bloodybun has already talked with me when he was not warring and was talking in the PvP and I stoped killing him. By now I'm kosing all Euphoria guild even LittleDreams 'cause she is cute :3