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Originally Posted by CriticalKO
Cant see the image, but u probably need to set-up your Battleship.
Originally Posted by Crimsonred
This is like the 5th time someone asked this....
My apologies for posting a repetative question. I was not able to search for the specific chinese characters because I can't copy text out of the SDGO game to be able to search for the specific error message.

Searching for "expert server error" also yielded no fruitful results.

I've had my battleships setup for quite a while, and only recently had to remove the suits from them to replace some of my old C2's with C3's. I didn't think that it would have anything to do with preventing me from creating a room.

Thank you, CriticalKO, for the suggestion. I'll try it out right now. And again, my apologies for the annoyance, Crimsonred.

EDIT: I still had Battleships setup, but my "default/selected" battleship was empty. I set a different battleship that still had suits in it as my "default/selected" and that made the Expert server problem go away. Thanks again for the advice!

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