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Default OO Raiser Vid From Ceacar

OO Raiser Vid From Ceacar:

Test vid:
You will know how much damage it can deal

Played about 10 times. Picked 2 out of it.
Since the resolution of SDGO is adjustable. I switch to 1680*1050.
When I am recording, my PC jitters a lot OTL

For a bigger resolution, click this
YouTube - 00R.rmvb

This is an amazing suit.
Weapon 1---Super big sword with real big range of damage in melee.
Weapon 2---damage is a little disappointing. Nothing surprise
Weapon 3--- very good missile. Slow in regenerating

Weapon 1---OTL, this weapon range is smaller than the Form1-weapon1. Not a very good weapon for melee.
Weapon 2--- As strange as V2A's weapon3. When you fire this weapon, this weapon is going to choose one and only one target in its blast radius and deal damage to it. Very good weapon.
Weapon 3-- This weapon is cheating!!!!!!!! 360 degrees! Big range! This weapon is crazy!

However, 00R is Kind of fragile.
Same as IJ I think

I still didn't know when will the vanish ability work.
Seems it is from ur enemy is in ur front and ur hp is below 40%. When it hits you, you will vanish for 2 seconds around.
In my Vid, I didn't represent the 00R's ability well.

So I m gonna show you guys a 00R's vid from a red star:
After watch this vid, you will have a good option of what this ability like.

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