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IGN: Micheru, Mixhe
Class: Treasure Hunter - Dagger lt_treasurehunter
Level: 8x
Guild: MMOG

S Rank Rock

Skills: Veteran Infighter and Hyper Jammer ECM w/ Auto-lockon Jammer

W1 - 2 hit melee
W2 - MG
W3 - 1 hit melee(Status: Invi)
SP - Melee

R Mode(W3 must have an ammo to change modes)

W1 - 5hit melee
W2 - Homing Missiles(Small ones like GNAD but without the gn particles)
W3 - Lancer Dart(Status: Invi)
SP - Range


S Rank Scissor

Skills: Infinite Ammo(wep2) and Booster Extension

W1 - Beam MG
W2 - Stun Rifle
W3 - Lancer Dart(Status: Invi)
SP - Map

R Mode

W1 - 3hit Melee
W2 - Dual Rifle
W3 - KD Beam
SP - Range
SDGO IGN : Mixhe