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Yes, the dura is good.

For 100% enchant rate, you either need mask, title, and enchant remedy (95% + 2% + 2% + 2% = 101%), or an advanced enchant remedy and one of the mask or title (95% + 4% + 2% = 101%).

Whether to focus on min or max is up to you. Min damage gives you more stable, consistent damage while Max damage obviously increases you maximum possible damage. I'd probably just level the Min and Max damage up to Lv10 each with supers and spend the remaining dura re-supering the max.

Upgrades take 1-3 dura apiece, so try to leave around 15-20 dura if you're going for +9.

Ultimately you're the person who knows your character the best, and you should know your individual strengths and weaknesses from your observations while playing. Not every piece of advice is useful for everyone, so don't be afraid to experiment a little to see what works best for you.