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1) Skipping G1 just makes the dungeons in G2 all the more difficult, since the skills aren't adequately developed to the point where they are at least feasible. The losing the stuff in the dungeon just makes it more costly, really. And some items lost, like very good armor or expensive weaponry, are somewhat painful to get back from the Lost and Found.

2) As Sandrie said, and as I told you in game before, the greatest loophole in this system is the Exploration levels. Hoarding AP is a must in this game, and, if it came down to it, you could breeze through G9~G12 without bumping up the difficulty to ungodly levels of pain (i.e., Adv. and Hard). You can get these said Exploration levels pumped in the continent of Iria via Quest Boards, Rafting, Artifact Appraisals, Wyvern Hunting, Iria dungeon running, L-Rod discovering, and such.

-Rafting would probably help the most at your point with a good Thunder-toting mage or two to main the killing. I know a few people, so I could help you with rafting later.
-Wyvern Hunting can be painful, but it racks up the points if you manage to kill a good amount of Wyverns.
-I'm not too sure about Artifact appraisals. It's easy to do, but that requires some far out exploring in Cor, and, because you don't have a flying mount, that will take much longer to do than the other two options above.
-Iria dungeons are tougher than Ulaid dungoens in general, but they have some exploration points added when you clear them. Still, the first 2 options are recommended over this.
-Doing the quest board missions would probably be the best method for you since they give so little Experience points, letting you able to crank your exploration levels to the greatest output before level 100.

I strongly urge you to consider options 1, 2, and 5. Rafting and Wyvern Hunting is fun, and Quest Boards are the best method for the loop hole.

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